Will we turn on each other or work for the good of our neighbor?

I am walking through my neighborhood’s Fred Meyer and notice that something is off. The shelves are filled with the same products in the same places. The lighting is the same bright white fluorescent lighting that has always been there.

Finally, I realize that it is the people who have…

Redefining Patriotism for 2020 & Beyond

What follows are some of my thoughts on U.S. History, Patriotism, American exceptionalism, and how we can become a more united country as we celebrate 244 years of independence.

Thoughts on Independence Day

Over the last few years, the 4th of July has been a time of both celebration and consternation. I enjoyed spending…

Encouragement for those who are starting on Medium, and are trying to find the courage to publish that first article.

There are so many things that terrify me about writing. Where to begin? First, there are the insecurities that come with putting your private thoughts on public display.

I imagine these insecurities are near-universal, which makes them precisely 0.00% less anxiety-producing as you sit there, trying to work up the…

Douglas Ridley

I write about politics and policy. The goal is to promote a more informed, thoughtful, and civil dialogue on how we can create a politics that solves problems.

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